Magic Bus

UPDATE: This post and Google Map have been deleted because I really shouldn’t have been medling with the bus project in the first place and because someone thought I stole their ideas/project which was not the case… I was just trying to improve upon what they had already worked on. My sincerest appologies to anyone involved especially Mike Bommarito who deserves credit for working on the Magic Bus Google Map and to David Harris for showing us the demo. Awsome stuff!

UPDATE: So, I found out that Mike really isn’t on the team. I went to one of their meetings and they pretty much told me I could work on the project. Awsome. So, keep an eye out for the news.

UPDATE: Finally! Here it is:

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  1. Mike Says:

    Facebook, Kyle Mulka, November 23, 2005:
    I searched through the facebook for php and mysql people and found you. I’d love to hear what you are working on as I am interested in web development as well…

    Facebook, Mike Bommarito, November 23, 2005:
    …I’ve got a side-project on a pubtrans GMap routing site for Ann Arbor, but until I’ve got a better dataset, that’s pretty much on hold…

    No response from Kyle.

    I’m really glad to have met you and talked about this project before you ripped it off without ever responding. Good stuff, dude, real integrity.

    If you’d actually ever responded to the conversation you began, you might be interested to know that I already have the majority of a graph with weighted edges representing the times between stops as well as node values calculated real-time to represent the time until the next bus would arrive on schedule. From there, as I’m sure you should know, a little tweaking of Dijsktra’s can do the rest.

    Anyway, glad to see that your under-the-table and uncommunicative behavior has yielded such a fully-featured service. Keep up the good work, and I hope we actually get to meet on a little better terms some day. If you really want to talk code, give Israel a ring and he’ll set something up.

  2. Brian Says:

    Hey there, I’m sorry you had to take down Magic Bus, I thought it was amazing. When I saw the real bus pass on the street then saw the little dot go by at the same time, I got a little rush, I’m not going to lie haha.

    My friends and I loved that project, it really did save us lots of time in the past two days! Well, please keep me updated if you can ever get it up again.

    Thanks! Brian

  3. Gerry Says:

    This magic bus thing is amazing. You should stop at nothing to getting it legit. I’m tempted to make a Konfabulator widget out of it. Well done indeed.

  4. Kyle Mulka Says:

    I’ll let you know (via this post) as soon as we can knock done a semi-final version of the public XML stream. Some of the data (like speed) they don’t want public.

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