Phone Phobic

Quoting a conversation with a friend who I talk to all the time on AIM, but never on the phone:

Her: well it doesn’t matter, I would call you anyway, if I wasn’t phone phobic
Me: haha
Me: why are you?
Her: I don’t know, but it’s gotten pretty bad lately, I screen all my calls and I never call people back, except my parents
Her: I just hate calling people
Me: you don’t call people back?
Her: I get nervous
Me: that’s horrible
Her: no, I don’t, i know it’s rude too
Her: and it’s my friends, not some stalker boy or something
Me: yea
Me: that’s bad
Me: you need phone counciling
Her: lol yeah I do, it’s ridiculous
Her: I bet you people think I don’t like them because I don’t call them back

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