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Summary of My Work at the Great Lakes Commission

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

Over the course of this summer I worked for the Great Lakes Commission on various projects. In this entry I’m just going to list some of the things I worked with while working there more for my own benefit than for anyone reading my blog. But, feel free to contact me if you are an employer or potential business partner interested in these things. Also, if you have any general questions about anything listed below, I can probably help you out.

Javascript DOM
PEAR (DB_QueryTool)
Google Maps
LDAP / Active Directory with PHP
ArcGIS (ArcMap)

Installed and Configured Software on Development Server

Intranet (MySQL hooked up databases, authentication, security, )
Wordpress (connected to Active Directory via LDAP, customized)
PmWiki (customize/style/content design)
WebCalendar (setup, administration, connected with Active Directory via LDAP, staff training)
Contacts (customized system)
Google Maping
Circle Tour (Google Maps demo including geocoding, WFS, GML, XSL, WMS, Mapserver)
MiCorps Data (designed login, search, browse, database backend)
Browsing System (scrapped)
Lake Search
MySQL Database Design
Converted two web applications ASP/Access/Windows to PHP/Oracle/Unix
VPN (Windows Server 2003)
WFS into Google Maps
XML Schema for Google Maps API
WMS Overlayed on Google Maps (two layers)
Documentation for WFS and WMS

Tricks of the Trade

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

I may have mentioned this blog before, but it amazes me once again with its tidbits of genius. It’s called Tricks of the Trade.Here‘s a tip to not stub your toe on the way back to your bedroom from the kitchen in the night.

eBay to Acquire Skype

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

eBay to Acquire Skype

Whoa? What? Weird.

Konfabulator – Like OSX’s Dashboard, but Cross-Platform

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

I just discovered Konfabulator today, and it rocks! I love widgets. I can customize what appears on my screen to the max and make it look cool. Basically, widgets are little things you can download, put on your screen either on top of, or below your other programs, or in a separate screen.


I’ve only been though about 100 of the thousands of widgets available, and I like a lot of them. For example, right now I’m using the battery, wifi, and clock widgets as we speak. They are being overlayed on top of my screen with a percentage of transparency that I can set. I can also move each widget around the screen so I can find a good place for it.


If I press F8, all my open widgets will show up so that I can easily check weather, check to see if any comments were made to my blog, check news, control itunes, umong other things. I can even play the drums with my new drum set.

Invited to Present at Conference

Thursday, September 15th, 2005

I’m extremely excited and honored to be invited to the Fall Merit Joint Technical Staff Meeting on October 11th to speak about the Google Maps API. Most likely, I will also be talking about other related technologies such as geocoding and WMS/WFS using mapserver which integrate nicely with both Google Maps and other online mapping software.

There will be a live webcast presumably available here. That webcast will also be archived on their webpage, so those who can’t view the presentation live are able to later.

Asian Ping Pong, Matrix Style

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

This was just too awsome not to post:

VoIP + WiMax = Awsomeness

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

I just can’t stop reading, listening, talking, and thinking about VoIP and how its going to change the way we communicate in the next few years. I’m so excited!

VoIP is so much cheaper than regular phone service. Plus, since its all digital it has so many more free features and can integrate with other applications like IM clients, office communicators, email programs, and even games. I have high expectations for digital voice.

Now, if you combine all that will long-range wireless internet (WiMax), you get a very powerful combination especially for businesses.

Here’s some more information about two of the big companies in these arenas, TowerStream and Vonage that have teamed up to provide VoIP + WiMax:

Vonage Press Release

Interview with Jeff Thomson, Towerstream COO (mp3)