Karaoke Revolution

MulkaMich: have you ever played the one game that you sing to and it recognises the pitch? its a little like ddr
MulkaMich: except with voice
Jeremy31337: No.
Jeremy31337: That’s weird.
MulkaMich: well, anyway, I whooped it singing Cher’s Believe in falsetto
MulkaMich: it was hot
Jeremy31337: Wow.
Jeremy31337: So you have to sing correctly?
Jeremy31337: And you get points for that?
MulkaMich: more or less, yes
Jeremy31337: Wow.
Jeremy31337: That’s awesome!!!
MulkaMich: you have to get the right pitches
Jeremy31337: I would totally pwn that game!
Jeremy31337: I have perfect pitch
MulkaMich: and by perfect pitch, do you mean you can sing any given note without a reference?
Jeremy31337: Correct

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