Sells Out to Google

I was reading a nifty humor site some of my friends and their friends write for called When I read the donate page I noticed this little blurb:

“But one thing we won’t do is put up ads; we refuse. We won’t sink to that level, that’s a promise. Not ever.”

Liars! What do I see on the right side of the page? None other than Google ads. I shoot them an email letting them know about their little contradiction. After a little while, they write this article about the whole situation.

“The sellout was identified by University of Michigan student Kyle Mulka, who pointed out Hornshaw’s hypocrisy about 14 seconds after Google ads appeared on SHADYPENGUIN.COM.”

Well… at least you admit to it, but come on, at least update your FAQ, cause I know you aren’t going to take down the ads.

2 Responses to “ Sells Out to Google”

  1. Phil Hornshaw Says:

    There. FAQ updated.

    I’d like to point out that while you checked out the donate page AND had time to tell me that I was a sellout hypocrit jerk, you didn’t bother to send five dollars to the site….

  2. Kyle Says:

    True… I didn’t send money. I don’t actually care that much about the whole thing.

    BTW, did you get my email?

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