Shakespeare in the Arb

Shakespeare in the Arb sounds like a cool little adventure. Aparently you go and watch a Midsummer Night’s Dream while walking around the arb. I’m thinking they walk to another location when the change scene… maybe. Anyway… I’m going to find out.

So, Beth and I went there today (June 5th), but we were a tad late… and they were “sold out”. Even though there weren’t seats or anything, I guess they can only fit so many in some of the areas of the arb. So… lesson here is to go early to buy your tickets. They open at 5:30 and shows start at 6:30.

Click on Shakespeare if you REALLY want to read the play:

So, we went again, and this time we got in. It was pretty good. I think it ended on Sunday, so you might have to wait until next year to see it. It will probably be a different Shakespear. play.

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