Crazy Car Crash

I witnessed this really nasty accident the other day. F-150, totaled.

I heard the crash, and saw immediately after the impact. The two cars looked like they were attached for a few seconds, then one swerved left up onto the median, the other went into oncomming traffic went up onto the curb in the grass on the wrong side of the road, came back into the middle of the road just in front of us at about 40mph, did a dount with the peddle to the floor and took out both side tires as it side swiped the curb. Yea… it was a bit scary. We almost died.

It looked like she had no control over speed. Either that or she thought the gas was actually the brake. We stopped on the side and ran across the road to “save” her. She and the other driver were fine, except that she said she couldn’t breath. We were all lucky.

The emergency crew was quick. About three people called 911 from their cars. Fire truck first, then a cop, then an ambulance, then another cop, then a tow truck.

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