Overlay WMS onto Google Maps

I’ve figured out how to overlay the roads from Google Maps’ hybrid mode onto my custom maps using the WMS standard and mapserver with a few hacks to the Google Maps API. Check it out here:
University of Michigan Campus Buildings

4 Responses to “Overlay WMS onto Google Maps”

  1. Jason Says:

    Good job on the wms overlay! Wish I could do that.

  2. Kyle Mulka Says:


    Thanks for the complement. You CAN do that! Well, I guess you have to know a little Javascript, and the Google Maps API along with some hacks I’m going to post on my blog soon.


  3. Jason Says:

    Well I know enough java to get into trouble and got the GM API right before GE came out so I’ve kinda slacked on it since then. Can’t wait for the sweet hack action. Try not to duplicate anything they’ve already done over at alov.org

  4. Vikram Says:

    the site seems to be not working – but would love to take a look at it when it’s up..


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