Parents, Seafood, Cars, and Frozen Goodness

My parents came down to AA on Friday and met me at the park we play frisbee at. It was nice of them to come bring stuff and go out to dinner. We hit up a pretty expensive restraunt called Real Seafood Co. in downtown on Main Street. As we were ariving we noticed the street blocked off. There was a car show, so parking was a little rough. The cars were pretty sweet… especially the new concept car. Also, there was a DeLorean. (like the one from Back to the Future) We got a table right next to the sidewalk. Unfortunately, the car right next to us was reving its engine really loud for like 5 minutes. It was a good thing the show was over, and all the cars left within 10 minutes or so. I had the Fettucini Alfredo. It was yummy. The seafood was so tender. Then we went to Ritter’s. I’m sure that frosen custard is really fattening… Can’t the small be smaller??

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