Natalie Emcard

Looks like Nat is moving on to other things… gone from Student to Translator.. lol.



Update: I was recently informed she now works with the NNSA, the National Nuclear Security Administration.


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  1. Googler of "Natalie Emcard" Says:

    She is also working for the NNSA.

  2. Alexander Johnson Says:

    Apparently, she got knocked up and now does promos for a contraceptive: Check Her Out at

  3. John Schultz Says:

    Sorry if I’m late to this party, but I was quite surprised to see Natalie today, and, as some have discovered, you’re high on her first Google page…

    Natalie seems to have gotten things back together and she is now the source for info about pension plans. Here she is as seen in the LOMA program, which my company uses for educating employees about business and financial topics… :

    I am a little concerned that Natalie might be a victim of identity theft, though… but I really don’t know what all this is even about:

    Also, I don’t know if you remember my name at all, but if you were grading my Java mini-course homework nowadays, Kyle, it would be much better, since I actually bothered to learn it this time around.

  4. Mack Teoh Says:

    im looking for bookmarks, anyone heard of this place?

  5. john ilanny Says:

    Just found good ole Natalie Emcard in Burlington Books’ Student Book for English. Here she’s taking on the role of Melanie Burke – jazz musician on pg. 49.

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