Beef Cooking Adventure Goes Up in Flames

So, yea, I just figured out why my apartment smelled like sparklers the other night after a popping sound.

Today I was going to cook some beef on the stove for sloppy joe’s and after a few minutes I realized the stove wasn’t working. Hmm… I thought, what could be wrong. Sure enough my guess was right. I went over to the circuit breaker panel and the huge switch at the top was blown. At first I thought that was the one for the entire house, but considering all my other stuff was still working with that off, I guess that wasn’t it. So, I flipped it back on, and immediately heard a loud crackling sound in the kitchen. I rushed over there and the back of the stove had flames about a foot high. Wow. I turned that sucker back off. So, now, once again my apartment smells like sparklers.

Oh, and I’m still alive.

How am I going to cook 1 lb of beef now???

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