Konfabulator – Like OSX’s Dashboard, but Cross-Platform

I just discovered Konfabulator today, and it rocks! I love widgets. I can customize what appears on my screen to the max and make it look cool. Basically, widgets are little things you can download, put on your screen either on top of, or below your other programs, or in a separate screen.


I’ve only been though about 100 of the thousands of widgets available, and I like a lot of them. For example, right now I’m using the battery, wifi, and clock widgets as we speak. They are being overlayed on top of my screen with a percentage of transparency that I can set. I can also move each widget around the screen so I can find a good place for it.


If I press F8, all my open widgets will show up so that I can easily check weather, check to see if any comments were made to my blog, check news, control itunes, umong other things. I can even play the drums with my new drum set.

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