VoIP + WiMax = Awsomeness

I just can’t stop reading, listening, talking, and thinking about VoIP and how its going to change the way we communicate in the next few years. I’m so excited!

VoIP is so much cheaper than regular phone service. Plus, since its all digital it has so many more free features and can integrate with other applications like IM clients, office communicators, email programs, and even games. I have high expectations for digital voice.

Now, if you combine all that will long-range wireless internet (WiMax), you get a very powerful combination especially for businesses.

Here’s some more information about two of the big companies in these arenas, TowerStream and Vonage that have teamed up to provide VoIP + WiMax:

Vonage Press Release

Interview with Jeff Thomson, Towerstream COO (mp3)

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