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Time has been ticking… Next week Tuesday (October 11th) I visit Michigan State for the Merit Technical Staff Meeting to talk about what I was working on this summer with Google Maps and other Geographic Information Systems stuff.

Most of the people at the meeting will be the top computer networking people from the colleges and universities around Michigan.

So, things that I think they would be most interested in would be mapping out all of the backbone lines and other network cabling. In addition to cabling, they could pinpoint the location of each router and other network devices by latitude and longitude. Putting this data onto a map of the area would be much more helpful than just having the data. They could even overlay campus maps like I’ve done with the University of Michigan.

Each device on the network is probably dumping a large amount of status data which is collected, monitored, and analyzed both in real time and after the fact. A good organization for this type of information would be by location. In computer networking, I assume that you would want to connect points which are close together and therefore around the same location. When there were problems with the network it would be easy to see if they were centralized around one location.

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  1. Pete Says:

    Thanks for the Prezo today, Kyle.

    I did some work in geolocation stuff with ham radio. You might find these interesting. – plotting of amateur radio packet radio location beacons. – Miles per watt calculator. Calculates distance between two coordinates.

    I need to rewrite my application (javascript already) to include a plot of the, what we call in ham radio, long path and short path radio transmissions on a google map.

    Cool stuff. Thanks again for the excellent presentation.

    – Pete

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