MISchedule Ready for Winter 2006

UPDATE: (3/29/06) Mschedule.com and the auto schedule generator have been fused together into one site.


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MISchedule, the University of Michigan automatic schedule generator, is ready for Winter 2006 scheduling. (and now Fall too)

I just loaded up the database the other day and it appears to be working. Let me know if you have any problems.

Along the same lines, I’ve switched Mshedule‘s (without the I) default term to Winter 2006, so it is ready too. I haven’t taken the time yet to merge these two websites yet, but you can save your MIschedule to Mschedule.

8 Responses to “MISchedule Ready for Winter 2006”

  1. Mark Diehr Says:

    Thanks for working on MIschedule term after term, it saves a lot of work for everyone who uses it.

  2. Lauren Says:

    Hi, are you going to make an Mschedule for Fall 2006?
    Thanks for doing this in past semesters; it’s a really useful tool.

  3. Maddie Says:

    Hi, I agree with Lauren. The website is very useful. Could you please set it up for Fall 2006? It would be much appreciated!

  4. Adam Says:

    Will mischedule be updated for Fall 2006?

  5. Adam Says:

    Sorry for being rude: many “thank yous” are in order here, as I’ve happily used mischedule every semester it has been available for 3 years now :)

  6. Mary Says:

    I have tried to go to mischedule a couple times and every time it says that the domain name expired or the server cant be found… I dont know if I am the only one experiencing this, but it just wont work.

  7. Kyle Mulka Says:

    Mschedule.com and that auto schedule generator thing have been fused together into one site.


    More info:

  8. Derek Says:

    MSchedule rocks my world, all of you deserve many gifts of precious uber-valuable items… but you’ll have to settle for this mere ‘thank-you’ from me.

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