Arrival: Seattle

I just wanted to take the opportunity to make use of the free wireless internet in the hotel here in Seattle (well… Redmond really) and blog a little. Warning: This entry will be more like a typical blog and less like the stuff I usually post here.

Tomorrow (Friday) I’ll be interviewing with Microsoft.

It was a fairly long (5 hr) flight. It took me most of the flight just to go through the specification of a school project. Then, I started coding up my linked list. Woot! I was thinking about finding the old one I made, but decided that it wouldn’t be that useful since this was in C and that C++. The function names were all different and there are a bunch of extra functions in this with function pointers and void pointers and such. Sweet. Playing with void pointers is fun!

When I got to the airport, I went to the baggage claim. If you’ve ever been there, maybe you’ve seen the cool rotating baggage. They looked like shish kabobs. It’s a pretty sweet display of art. I would have uploaded my photos right now, but I brought the wrong USB cable with me. Aren’t USB cables supposed to be universal? Isn’t that what the U stands for? Weird. I guess you’ll have to trust me until I can show you.

So, I picked up the keys to my rental car and found a silverish two door Monte Carlo sitting in the spot. Cool. As I was driving away from the airport, there were two highways listed on the sheet to follow. I was supposed to follow on for a very short time, then transfer to the other. Welp, I missed that. So, I looked at the map and thought “Hey, that’s cool, I’ll just drive through the middle of Seattle at night.” So I did. It wasn’t that much further of a drive either.

I got to the hotel no problem. Right now I’m drinking my free bottled water, and surfing on my free internet. Thanks Microsoft!

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