Sorry about the outages the last few days if anyone even noticed.

I’ve been trying to move some stuff from off the server in my parents basement into a real hosting environment. So far I haven’t been very successful with my hosting provider. I don’t know if they are just slow or don’t understand that I want to host the DNS through another provider.

Before doing that, the power went out at home, and the computer I run my personal web sites off of doesn’t automatically turn itself on when the power goes on. Maybe there’s a BIOS setting for that, but I forgot to check.

What’s even frustrating me more is that when I’m at home, I can’t access my server via its internet domain name because the stupid router doesn’t seem to do loopback. WordPress, the software I use to publish this blog gets its domain name from the database, so if I wanted to use my blog in my house, I would have to change the database entry, thereby taking down the blog to the outside world, then change it back when I’m done.

When I got back to school (taking the wireless router with me) I couldn’t access my server at all from my laptop. I did a whole bunch of investigating, and was convinced for a while that the firewall for my apartment building was to blame. Maybe it decided I was communicating too much with my server, or the person who operates the firewall had noticed a large ammount of traffic from one IP.

Nope… wasn’t the problem. Here’s what was… In an attempt to fix the router loopback issue at home, I changed some of my portable wireless router settings to see if I could get it to redirect requests to the local IP of my server. Didn’t work. Because I did that, it was trying to redirect requests in my apartment building, which didn’t make sense at all. So, changed the configuration back, and bam… worked. Woot!

Sorry about all the whining. I needed to get that out of my system

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