Internet Research: Calendaring

I just did a bunch of internet research, as I like to call it, on a whole varity of calendaring programs. Clients, Servers, Javascript, AJAX, Outlook, iCal, Mozilla Calendar, Publish/Subscribe, etc. So, if you are into that kind of thing check this list out. The top few are the ones that excited me the most.


DeskNow – mail, instant messaging and collaboration tools
Sharing Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contacts
Hula Project – Hula
iCal Exchange
iCalShare – Share Your iCalendars!
eventSherpa – iCal for Windows
Web Calendar Software – iCal – Event Calendar
Web Calendar Server – Calcium from Brown Bear Software
nat friedman
Calendar – Standards Based Calendar Client Project
UW Calendar Home Page
Sambar Technologies Home Page
Internet Calendar Server & Calendar Hosting
Sun Java System Calendar Server Publish event schedule on the Web
Building a Simple Calendar Server with Fedora and WebDAV – FedoraNEWS.ORG
iCal Web Calendar Server download and review – web based calendar/scheduler from SnapFiles
CalDAV Projects

4 Responses to “Internet Research: Calendaring”

  1. Marc Eisenstadt Says:

    Hey Kyle, I’d be interested to know what you think about our Meetomatic, kind of the opposite of most of the cool stuff you’ve mentioned (closed, zero features, but free, no-brainer simple, and loved by thousands)

    -Marc ;-)

  2. Ryan Says:

    Have you seen any software that operates as a event-centric search engine? Plenty of sites are on the lookout for addresses, would it be much harder to find associated dates/times/groups and compile them somewhere?

  3. Kyle Mulka Says:


    Thanks your your comment. From the looks of it, it looks like your site would be great if I was planning a one time meeting and didn’t need the granularity of times within the day. Unfortunately, that’s not how I plan meetings in college. I usually plan less than a week in advance, and I’m usually free many times over the course of each day. This is usually the same each week because of classes, weekely meetings, meals, and sleep. So, if I were to personally use a meeting scheduler, it would have to suit my needs better. Maybe when I get out into the real world, my needs will change.


  4. Kyle Mulka Says:


    I have not seen one of those yet. I belive, if something like that were to exist they would shoot up in popularity like crazy. Who knows… Google might even have that under their sleves already with the yet to be released Google Calendar.

    If you are interested in working on something like this, please contact me privately.


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