Amazon Internship in Seattle

It’s time to announce it to the world! I’ll be working for Amazon this summer in Seattle for about 12 weeks as a Software Development Engineer Intern starting May 8th. I’m really pumped!

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  2. anugrah Says:

    I wanted to know that i am an undergraduate student and want to work as an intern in cryptography.. are there any positions in amazon regarding this topic.

  3. Kyle Mulka Says:

    anugrah, maybe the web services team has some positions like that? Although, most Amazon positions look for general software development skills, not specific area skills.

  4. akh Says:

    I am interested in doing an internship at Amazon. I had one question for you (since you have worked there as an intern)… How many days/weeks MINIMUM does one have to work as an intern at amazon? I hardly have 2 weeks of vacation in between semesters and i dont even live in Seattle (or WA).

  5. Internship King Says:

    I’ve heard great things about Amazon’s internships, especially their MBA internships.

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