Random Weird Phone Call

So, apparently I have my phone number listed on the internet. Yes, in fact I do. You can see it by clicking “contact me” on the right side of my page. Apparently some girls in Oregon like to search for “random weird” images on Google Image Search. My contact information is in an image and you can find it by searching for that phrase. I’m on like the 20th or so page. They decided to call me up and tell me that my number was on the internet. They were curious why my number was on the internet. I was like… so people know what my number is if they want to call me. I haven’t had any problems yet with my number being up there. I guess that’s just me and my trusting nature. They were suprised that they were the first people to randomly call me like that. If you want their phone number, let me know… I have it on caller ID.

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