Seattle Move In

Yey! I’m in Seattle now, and I’ll be here for a few months while I do an internship with

So far, the weather has been great. I took a bus into the city this morning, walked around for a bit and found Harried and Hungry for lunch.

I took the bus back up and decided to take the mile or so walk down to where I’ll be working. The way to work is all downhill… but of course that means its all uphill coming back. That’s one big difference with being out here… so many hills.

The corporate housing is being subsidized by Amazon, although I still have to pay for part of it. It’s really nice, but there is no internet yet. :( Right now, I’m out in the courtyard picking up wireless.

I haven’t gone to the grocery store yet. I’m kind of wondering how I’m going to travel to and from considering I don’t have a car. The bus is an option, but carrying groceries on it isn’t ideal. I might take a taxi and stomach the fare every once in a while. Maybe one of my friends here has a car… hmm…

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