Settled in Seattle

The weather has been really nice ever since I got here. I think the only not so good day was yesterday when there was a little bit of rain. There were a couple other times I heard people talk of rain, but I never saw it. It seems like its been between 70-80 during the day and maybe 55 during the night, but I’ve never actually measured. Just a guess.

I found some grocery stores! Woot! One is right next to my work. It’s called Uwajimaya. Although the store is mostly filled with Asian groceries, they do have some normal stuff too. They also have an asian food court in back which is pretty good. Speaking of asian food… that is pretty much the only thing to eat around my work. You have to walk quite a ways to get non-asian food. But, its still pretty good.

I finally got a desk and chair for my computer and a connection to the internet for real. Before, I had to steal wireless from the neighboors, and it only worked in the other bedroom. By the way, I still don’t have a roommate, and I don’t know if I’ll get one or not. Now that I think about it, I probably wouldn’t want one.

I’m working this summer at We’re busy building Marks and Spencer‘s new website and ordering systems. Marks and Spencer is a large retailer in the UK with over 400 stores. Here’s an article, explaining it.

I work in a large room on the 10th floor with about 10 people. We have a good view of the baseball and football stadiums south of downtown Seattle. The people are cool. Some are extremely entertaining.

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  1. haiku_girl Says:

    Welcome to Seattle. I lived in Pioneer Square when I first moved here a year ago and Uwjimaya was my closest grocery store, too. At first it made me feel kinda homesick for rows and rows of cereal and white bread, but I grew to love it. Even more than love it, be a total fan of it! It’s nice to be jolted out of your usual for a bit and tossed into a place so cool and colorful.

  2. Kyle Mulka Says:

    I think what I need is a translator for all the foreign language packaging. I’m not really sure what’s good, or even good for me other than the normal stuff I might find in American grocery stores.

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