Online Grocery Delivery in Ann Arbor

Ok, so Google seems to be confused as to where the online grocery stores serving Ann Arbor actually are, so I’m going to list them here in hopes that Google will find this page and at least put them somewhere in the top 10 results.

Busybody’s Student Laundry – they deliver other stuff too (besides your laundry)
Ann Arbor Grocery Delivery
Wolverine Grocery
Munchy Delivery
A2 Errands – opening May 2011

Out of Business:
Arbor Grocery
Go Blue Grocery
Grocery Run

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And, of course, if you have any additions to the list, let me know in the comments or send me an email. Sometimes comments get held up by my spam protection system.

My theory about why most of these online grocery delivery companies go out of business, is that they were run by students who then graduated to find real jobs. Groceries is a very low margin business and hence difficult to make successful. You have to charge a healthy markup to make money, but if your markup is too high, students won’t buy from you. Also, I believe a lot of grocery delivery companies have problems with the usability of their websites.

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  1. aoeuuuu Says:

    not a big fan of go blue grocery. they screwed up my first two orders, then said they’d give me a 10% discount to compensate (they never did). they also stopped emailing order receipts, maybe to prevent people from checking if their orders are correct. they substitute items incorrectly (sliced white mushrooms instead of whole mushrooms) too. i’ll try out arbor grocery, at least their prices are lower than gobluegrocery’s.

  2. Matt Says:

    Busch’s now has online ordering (though not delivery)

  3. Zach Campau Says:


    Have you had any more recent experience w/ grocery delivery in Ann Arbor?

  4. Kyle Mulka Says:

    Nope, haven’t heard of any other general grocery delivery in Ann Arbor. But, I did hear about nutritional supplement delivery and cookie delivery:

  5. Michele Asplund Says:

    I am searching, in vain, for a grocery store that will deliver to my son on North Campus. I see Meijer’s ships but only large bulk items. I can’t even locate the Go Blue Grocery. Are they still in business. Is there any delivery service in the area?Thank you.

  6. Jacob Wilkins Says:

    It looks like this company is starting a delivery service soon. I just found their site today, sadly they aren’t up and running just yet.

  7. John Kazanjian Says:

    Busybody’s Laundry, together with it’s sister company John’s Pack & Ship has started delivering groceries at UofM. We’re starting slowly because we want to do it right. We’ve been delivering beverages by the case for several years now and this is the next step.
    Initially, we’re only taking orders live by phone (734-665-2664) or via email (, but hope to add internet ordering in the Fall ’10.
    Given our daily presence on campus, the delivery mechanism is already in place. Whether we can provide order accuracy, timely turnaround and acceptable pricing is the question. We believe we can.

    Feel free to spread this message to friends. During this start up period we’re offering significant discounts on first orders.

  8. Alex Persky-Stern Says:

    I’m the owner of A2 Errands, a new online errand service in Ann Arbor. For low, flat rates we can deliver anything available in Ann Arbor, including groceries, to your door. We are bonded and insured, and our high quality service is guaranteed. You can check out our pricing, guarantees, and get started at, or feel free to email ( or call (734-645-6637) for more info.

  9. Yolanda Munguia Says:

    You can go to to sign up for a change to win 100.00 in Grocery Bucks and find more info about Every person who likes our facebook page will be entered in a chance to win 100.00 Grocery Bucks on the launch date. The site will launch October 10th 2010 and will have over 4500.00 items to choose from, easy re-ordering, deliveries 7 days per week, 2.99 delivery fee for orders under 75.00. Stay Tuned and join our page TODAY!!!!

  10. Paul Says:

    another student run business is – they are also on facebook at:

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