Gmap Uploader – Custom Google Maps Tiles

Announcing Gmap Uploader, the easiest way to create custom Google Map tiles. Just upload an image and download a zip file with the tiles. Or, just copy the HTML source, change the API key, and just let Gmap Uploader host the tiles.

Campus Map Example:

Floor Plan Example:

Photo Example:

23 Responses to “Gmap Uploader – Custom Google Maps Tiles”

  1. mike Says:

    how can i use the tiles you create for me in my own map on my website? I basically want to have a zoomable image on my blog, but i dont want to reference images that I keep on the gmapuploader website.

    what are my options?

  2. Kyle Mulka Says:

    I’ve made a special page which fills the whole screen with your map. This can be embeded into a blog with an iframe. Here’s the URL:–your-mapId-here–

    Your mapId is that random string of characters at the end of the view page URL.

    As an example, I’ve embeded a Gmap Upload map into this blog entry:

    If instead you want to host the tiles on your own server, you can download them with this URL:–your-mapId-here–/

  3. César Says:

    Man, you saved me hours of work and fiddling with splicing and working out the qwirks of custom tiles and google maps.

    Needless to say, I’m very grateful for your work. Thank you VERY much.

  4. Blogbod Says:

    I tried the–your-mapId-here–/ to download tiles but it didn’t work. Is there something wrong?

  5. Kyle Mulka Says:

    I recently rewrote the way the Gmap Uploader does its tiling, and didn’t port over the zip file feature. Is this an important feature to have? If so, why?

  6. Kevin Says:

    Yes, hosting the tiles on my own site is very important, could you please re-implement this feature? Thanks.

  7. Kyle Mulka Says:

    If you want the map on your own site, simply take the html source code of the page that is given to you, change the Google Maps API key, and upload the new file to your server. This will allow you to edit the javascript just like any other Google Maps API application.

  8. James callahan Says:

    How to i change the background colour of my map from that greyish colour to white? (the area outside the image i uploaded)


  9. Feng Says:

    May I have the geocodes that you use to slice the images? What I wanted to do is to use GMap Api to add points to say somewhere on my picture. I’ll do the calculations with provided geocode info.


  10. Kyle Mulka Says:


    After your Gmap is initialized, you can set the background color in javascript. Assuming your map div has the id of ‘map’, you can just put this line of javascript after you create the Gmap2 object:

    document.getElementById(‘map’).style.backgroundColor = ‘white';

  11. Kyle Mulka Says:


    Using the Google Maps API, you can set up an event handler which will give you the coordinates on a point you click on your map.

  12. SeerBlue Says:

    Hey Kyle, could you to add controls to the Gmap uploader that would make it possible to place images in their proper geographic location. At the ME-DEM Project we are making custom maps of Tolkien’s Middle Earth ( it is easier to read about it at the site than explain all our grand plans here) and our imagery/maps are geo-referenced to the two real world locations that Tolkien referenced for Hobbiton (Sarehole Mill UK) and Minas Tirith (Florence Italy). So we “know” the location/geographic coverge of each portion of the maps we create and as the project grows we would like to add new locations in at their proper coordinates.
    I just uploaded a bit of the Misty Mts at
    that we are building in 3d and it shows 4 different views of the Mt chain; color shaded by elevation, slope, HSV, and color shaded + sunlight. It is a very basic image, I just grabbed on off my hard drive to see who the GMap Uploader works (very good).
    Web programming is not our strong suit, we are more tinkerers than anything, so I asked on a chance it may be possible.
    We have had better luck getting custom imagery and terrain into World Wind than custom tiles into a GMap.
    also, if you have an idea of what you would like for a GMap Uploader banner/logo we could take a shot at it, we have several terrain, imagery and gis related programs on hand that may do the trick.

  13. Lars Huring Says:

    Great application, but to second @blogbod i’d like to host the images on my own server, is that possible? Is the project still active even?

  14. Lee Godden Says:

    HI There

    Could you tell me how I can get the tiles created in the zip folder, I tried the URL you suggested here but I got the file not found on this server message



  15. Johnathen H Says:

    is it still possible to get a zip file of the image tiles so I can host the map on my own site.

  16. Anand Says:

    It seems like there is no space left on the server… When i try and access the tile image directly i get following error

    “No space left on device in /home/mulka/gmapuploader/mt/tiles.php on line 6″

  17. Monk Says:

    I just wanted to express my thanks for creating such a brilliant awesome tool.
    I spend the last week using multiple programs and tutorials trying to create an interactive map for a game to have on my site but they all were flawed one way or another.

    Within minutes I’ve now got a fully functional custom map to work with and its all thanks to you!!

    Now I’ve just got to figure out how to add markers and info boxes and such :D

    Also, I have no issues to letting Gmap Uploader host the tiles but I’m a little concerned for the future if for some reason you shut it down. If for some reason you do decide to shut it down please, please let those who use it know and give us the chance to get the tiles :)

    Once again, thank you and I wish you all the success with your new company :)

  18. Luda Says:

    I have a questions about GPolygon drawing on GmapUploaderMapType map.
    I draw one GPolygon,but some polygons appearance on the map.
    I can see it when I zoom map or move map.

  19. TL Says:

    Thank you for this application, it’s really helpful.
    I have just uploaded an image onto gmap uploader, but then the tile images appeared saying “No image here, sorry”

    Just wanted to know if there is a solution to that.

  20. Adam Walter Says:

    You are an absolute lifesaver. You just saved me from hours and hours of figuring out how to do this manually. Thank you!

  21. Donald Says:

    Thank you a million, is it possible that the image i upload only covers a certain geographic area on the map? not the entire google map?

  22. neo Says:

    I jst tried to use tht URL and i hve generated my map api also whch working fne with map. i hve tested tht. but when i try to use ur URL .its gve me err like “that mapId doesn’t exist” .am i doin wrong or missing and hw can i create my own image slide show using this. i like ur tool so hw can i use it .any ref. doc is available …??

  23. linh Says:

    I want to download gmap as image tiles. But i don’t know how to. Can you help me. Thank you so much!

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