Size of a Brain in Gigabytes

How many gigabytes of information does an average human brain have in it?

How would you measure this?

Here’s some possibilities:

A transcript of everything you ever said.

The audio of everything you’ve ever said.

All the words you’ve ever read.

2 Responses to “Size of a Brain in Gigabytes”

  1. Tim Hibbard Says:

    I think I could fit mine on a thumb drive :)

  2. Calvin Freitas Says:

    I can’t perfectly repeat every song I’ve ever heard so many of the files would be garbled, but it’d have to be at least a few hundred GB for that, the text of a few thousand books, stills/video from several hundred movies. Add in all the subconscious things humans analyze every day including facial expressions and you have myriad data.

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