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Google Maps Art

Monday, January 29th, 2007

Throw a little bit of real location data, a little bit of an algorithm, a little bit of hand selection, and a little color on a Google Map, and what do you get? Google Maps Art!

What Makes a Blog Good?

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Content! Duh! Here’s some blogs with some good content…

Left Behind at the Fishbowl

This anonymous blogger sifts through papers left in the printer just before “the Fishbowl” a University of Michigan computer lab, shuts down for the night. Then, they go and critique the essays, drawings, emails, and other print outs. With their trusty blue pen, creativity, and humor in hand, they proceed to mark all over the print out, scan it back in, and post it on the internet for all to see.


TechCrunch covers mainly news about internet companies, both the big ones and the up and coming ones. So, if you are a Web 2.0 startup, you might want to get on this guy’s good side so that you can get some good traffic from the early adopters like myself.

Google Maps Mania

When the Google Maps API first came out, there were tons of people ready and willing to create mashups. So many in fact, it was difficult to keep track of them all. Google wasn’t keeping track of them, so this blog filled a niche and reports on the new ones as they come out

Most Annoying Web Advertisement

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

You know those banner ads that are like little flash games, where you have to shoot the ducky, out lift our president, slap the monkey, play dress up, or whatever? Well, straight from that genre, this is quite possibly the most annoying web advertisement I have ever seen. It’s just a mosquito that flies around the screen making a loud obnoxious mosquito like noise with the only ways of stopping it being either zapping the mosquite with your zapper thing (which is actually harder than I thought it would be) or leaving the page.