University of Michigan on the Web Today

While going through websites I visit daily, such as The Show with Ze Frank, Rocketboom, and Digg, I noticed University of Michigan references in several of them, and thought I would point them out.

Today’s Rocketboom references The Cube at New York City’s Astor Place. (not to be confused with the Apple Store) This is a copy of The Cube at University of Michigan’s Regent Plaza. Also of note, the cube in NYC was turned into a Rubik’s Cube. Wouldn’t it be cool to turn the cube at UofM into a six-sided die?

Also, in the same Rocketboom show, they mention Delutube, a site which hosts deleted YouTube videos. The second video is a clip from Tally Hall‘s Banana Man music video, which apparently is still on YouTube. The members of Tally Hall went to UofM before dropping out to play in the band full time. They are good, you should check them out.

A Wired article about an email sent out to all members of the University was linked from the front page of Digg will the title “University of Michigan Identifying Students to RIAA“. However, the email states, “The University is in the process of identifying and notifying these individuals.” This does not imply that the University is releasing the identity of these individuals to the RIAA. So, the Digg post’s title was indeed exagerated, and the article has been updated. Nothing new is going on here other than the RIAA being even more of a bully.

Yesterday, my friend Zach told me about YCombinator‘s new startup news page, who’s idea is basically the same as Reddit‘s, a successful startup YCombinator funded. Differences include a focus on startups, and no down arrow for stories. Zattoo, a company started by one of my professors, Sugih Jamin, was featured on its front page yesterday. So far no one has commented… hmm.

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