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Things I Wish Existed: Time Delayed Email

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Wouldn’t it be nice to send an email now, and know that it will arrive in someone’s inbox a few days later?

How about sending yourself reminders? You could just send the email and forget about it for a few days. I know that todo lists are meant for this, but really, I don’t want to see certain things on my todo list until days after I put them there.

How about event reminders. When I was Activities Chair for HKN, I would always send an email about a week, and another a couple days before an event. If only I could type the two emails sometime beforehand and then tell my email program to delay actually sending the emails until those dates.

Another thing that I find myself needing is a way to follow up on emails. So, I send one email, and if I don’t get a reply to it, I should send another email to make sure they got it, and remind them to send me a reply. I usually don’t remember to send these follow up emails, so it would be nice to get a reminder about sending the email, or have my email program ask me if I want to send the follow up email I had previously written.

Mobile Grades

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

For those of you who check your grades through Wolverine Access constantly, here’s something you will appreciate. It’s called Mobile Grades, and basically, its a desktop application that checks your grades for you automatically every so often. You can even get them sent to your phone, but that costs money, where as the basic service is free. Scott Goldman is the creator of this service. He is also maintaining Mschedule for me now too.

Facebook’s April Fools’ Joke

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

The following unique entries were in everyone’s facebook news feed on April Fools’ Day 2007:

News Feed entries

Also, at the bottom of each page, Mark Zuckerberg’s name was replaced with the name of the person logged in or another random name. I’m not sure if these people are employees of facebook, people in the user’s network, or just random people on facebook. They certainly weren’t my friends.

As much credit as Mark deserves for creating the facebook in the first place, I don’t think he deserves to continue to plaster his name on every facebook page served considering they have a few hundred employees, and many more people who make facebook possible including all the users. Maybe its just me, but I’d consider this pretty arrogant of him.