Flexcar not using Google Maps?

Wow… I can’t believe my eyes. Flexcar is using the old style of Mapquest to display the locations of their cars. This is terrible. Whenever you want to move the map or zoom in, the entire page has to load, and its slow too. It takes more than a couple seconds to load each page. Why are they not with the program, using Google Maps, or something similar?

I’m considering creating a Google Maps mashup for Flexcar, if no one can tell me of one that already exists. Anyone?

Specifically, I’m interested in the car locations in Seattle where I will be living soon.

3 Responses to “Flexcar not using Google Maps?”

  1. Markus Says:

    That would be great! Please create such a mashup! I’m sure hundreds of flexcar users will thank you. The current mapquest map is indeed unusable (that’s why i googled for flexcar google maps and found your entry!)

  2. Schwern Says:

    I’m trying to reserve a car with them right now and thought exactly the same thing. I was hoping someone had already done it. :(

  3. Deloise Armacost Says:

    No acostumbro a responder a los puestos, pero yo en este caso. WoW:)

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