Save As in Netbeans

So, my roommate Kevin was working on some Java code for this project we are working on. He’s using the NetBeans editor and I just got a kick out of what he said. Apparently, the version of NetBeans he is using simply does not have a ‘Save As’ feature.

I did a little Googling, and found this NetBeans tips and tricks page which suggests a 7 step work around for ‘Save As’. Awsome.

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  1. stephenls Says:

    A simpler solution than those seven steps is to make a superficial change to the file (a space, tab, etc). Then the “Save As” option will be enabled. Save the file, then delete whatever superficial change you had made.

    The fact that you can’t just “save As” without editing the file is complete idiocy! Fix this, please, Netbeans!

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