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What #newtwitter means for Twilk

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Welp… #newtwitter is coming out. Part of the “enhancement” of the new Twitter layout is the fact that the space in the middle is larger. They basically took the small right column and doubled the size. They also put a bar across the top of the page and kept the main content in about the same spot. So, there is less room for the Twitter background, both on the sides and on the top. This means that the effectiveness of the Twitter background is reduced. It also means that there are less people showing up on Twilk backgrounds. I’ve seen a small drop in traffic to, and a few Twilk Pro cancelations because of this new layout. What does this mean for Twilk? It means I have to innovate. It means that Twilk is probably going to branch out from doing just Twitter backgrounds. We’ll probably have to have a separate web page to display Twitter followers profile photos. (and more) If you have any ideas, or want to be updated when we launch these changes shoot us an email.