Tablet Fun!

So, I was playing around with my new wacom tablet pen input device that Steve Fentriss gave me to use. It’s pretty sweet. Thanks Steve. The whole pen input isn’t quite the same as normal pen to paper mostly because you have to look on the screen instead of on the pad. I opened up GIMPshop to see if I could make any good use of my new found tool for drawing stuff. Indeed, after downloading the right software and changing a few settings I was able to get touch sensitivity to work which was really cool. So, the harder you press on the pad, the thicker, or darker, or wider your pen or marker, or whatever got. Here’s some quick sketches I made. Don’t laugh too hard. I’m not an artist.

Mmm… scribling stuff on a map…

I call it “Splash of Color”…
Splash of Color

3 Responses to “Tablet Fun!”

  1. Steve Fentriss Says:


    I actually kind of like the “Splash of Color.” Perks me up.

    Keep up the good work…


  2. Scott Moschella Says:

    Hey Kyle, can you send me a link to the software that you used to enable Wacom tablet support under GimpShop? scott [at] plasticbugs [d0t] com


    (The Gimpshop guy)

  3. Kyle Mulka Says:

    Here’s the driver download page for Wacom tablets. I think the one I ended up downloading was for Graphire3 and Windows XP.


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