Google in Ann Arbor

Looks like Google is hiring in Ann Arbor… That’s cool. Maybe I won’t have to move after all. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of server installation, so hopefully they will move into town with more software engineering type jobs. A few newspapers and blogs predict a Googleplex coming to Ann Arbor here, and here, and here. We’ll just have to wait and see.

After a Google search, I found some more information about this. Looks like its official. Google is leasing office space in Ann Arbor, oddly close to where I worked last summer. What’s even more interesting in general is the fact that the company that vacated the space was also digitizing print media.

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  1. Michael Says:


    Google seems to be looking to hire more than one server room technician. Does that mean Google is planning on doing something larger than scanning books at UofM libraries? Since your background is in computers, I thought you might have some insight into this. My belief is that Google has decided to come to Ann Arbor and they are preparing to move into a large office space downtown when the building is built for them (2 to 3 years). They leased 40,000 square feet of office space at the corner of State and Eisenhower. It seems like a large space just to scan books.

    I would love to hear your input.


  2. Kyle Mulka Says:

    If that is the case, they are probably going to be doing more than just scanning. I don’t know how much they have already done, but it seems they wouldn’t need that much space.

  3. Kyle Mulka Says:

    Also of note, more book scanning jobs in Ann Arbor:

  4. Garrett G. Says:

    Per FOX NEWS (detroit) reports today that more than just one job will be moving into Ann Arbor.. a whole facility.

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