List of Sites Affected by Fisher Plaza Data Center Fire

I’m keeping a list of the sites that were/are seemingly affected by the Fisher Plaza data center fire last night sorted by Alexa Traffic Rank. Comment if you have more information. Sites marked with a * appear to be back up. Follow me (@mulka) on Twitter to get notified when I update this list. 57 * 871 * 1,822 * 4,233 * 5,345 * 13,306 * 27,895 * 38,446 * 41,085 * 63,317 * 85,951 * 180,491 * 180,846 * 247,800 * 285,570 * 300,451 * 413,083 * 556,777 * 471,734 * 3,392,698 * 3,456,473 * 7,113,570 *

Even more in the comments including:


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  1. Ian Lurie Says:

    Alas, we are down as well, with a bunch of clients:

  2. Mike Archer Says: was also down for several hours.

  3. Moohazin Says: – and two of their DNS servers

  4. GP Says:

    F5sports network

  5. Clara Jeffery Says:

    We’re down too.

  6. Bruce P. Henry Says:

    It looks like is down too.

  7. Vivek Bhaskaran Says:

  8. Jeremy Irish Twittert über den Stromausfall : Geocaching Nordfriesland Says:

    […] List of Sites Affected by Fisher Plaza Data Center Fire […]

  9. Countless Says:

    What about the thousands of potential sites down through adhost. I work for a webdesign company and our servers are in that building thats a couple hundred of ours that are down. Including dozens of online stores.

    Colo’s being down is bad juju.

  10. Tom Jackson Says:

    Vacation Rental Software compny Escapia is down too. None of their customers can access their accouting on the busiest weekend of the summer.

  11. Glade Jones Says:

  12. Julie Messerer Says:

    My husband couldn’t play ‘World of Warcraft’ online for several hours last night. Could that be part of it?

  13. Bill Says: is down. We host through Dotster and our e-mail goes through Dotster, and both are still down as of 3:55 PM EST. Dotster hosts lots of sites and apparently they may be down as well, although I am not certain. Thus all of our sites are down. Too many to list

  14. Adam English Says:

  15. n Says: is down as well

  16. n Says: is down as well.

  17. Tracy @ West Seattle Blog Says:

    Others we have learned about because they are at least partly in our coverage area:

    Is the calendar provider Trumba involved too? I haven’t been able to reach the City of Seattle events calendars that use it (yuck, it’s awful to try to link to) and its site seems to be down too.

  18. Ernie Joseph Says:

  19. Gabby Says:

    The King County Library System website ( was down this morning – appears to be fine now. Was that part of the problem?

  20. Michael Says:

    I work for Coinstar. Our site and all operations are currently down.

  21. kate Says: is affected too.

  22. M Says:

    Our Dotster hosted sites are down as well. A note on the dotster support page reads:

    “Due to a fire that has disrupted power to one of our data centers, some customer services are currently offline. This outage impacts some web hosting customers and VPS customers as well as email services. Power is being restored in the data center and we are currently working to restore connectivity and systems to bring services back online. There is currently no ETA. All available resources at the data center are working to restore services

    We appreciate your continued patience in this matter. Please check this area for updates.

    Thank you,
    Customer Care “

  23. Michael Says: is down. I work for Coinstar, our site as well as our entire reporting network is down.

  24. ex-newsdata employee Says:
    a publisher of utility industry newsletters. ironic no?

    The funny thing is they probably dont even know. They are so behind the times there, they have the same web site as when they first got online in 1995 and send their mags out as PDFs…

  25. Mohammad Says:

    Does anyone know if XO lines in that building are down and what if anything is being done about it?

  26. Jeff Says:

    You can add Bejeweled Blitz servers to that list…

  27. Siliqua Says: is impacted as well

  28. Don Stephens Says:

  29. Peter Says: still down also.

  30. Barry Says:

    All these use rackspace from Internap.

  31. dustin snydert Says:

    We have many other sites out as well.

  32. Dan Says:

    I talked to a rep yesterday but is down today.

  33. Cachehunter Says:

    The worldwide geocaching-community is missing

  34. City of Boston Says: is down

  35. Cristina Says: also down

  36. Don Stevens Says:

  37. GeoVlinder Says:

    Maybe you can report with a * the sites that are up and running again, like


  38. Barbara Mauro Says: is not available.

  39. Jared Says: is down.

  40. BBosman Says:

    Some more:

  41. Ralph Says:

    The Log portion of is down also, but the main site is up but slow.

  42. Mark Maunder Says:

    Hi Todd and John,

    We lost our payment processing this morning for about 8 hours because we use as our gateway. Full service has been restored as of 20 minutes ago. (3:20pm PST). Blog entry here:

    Mark Maunder Founder & CEO

  43. Another geocacher Says:

    Yes, I’m totally jonesing for my :(

  44. Tara Drennen Says:

    Our Dotster-hosted sites and mail have been out since just after midnight last night, we were told it was adata center fire and service would be back sometime between 6PM and 2AM.

    I dunno whether Bing’s equipment is responsible, but for a “mssion-critical” data center to be knocked out by an entirely predictable failure without automatic switching to mirrors seems very poor disater management.

  45. Kyle Mulka Says:

    Cachehunter, Another geocacher: is, and has been the third site listed.

  46. CE Nichols Says: (Pacific Medical Centers) is down. Our apologies for any inconvenience!

  47. Mike Says:

    Add Infield Parking – to the list.

  48. JB Says: is also affected.

  49. Scott Otis Says:

    These are down as well because of Adhost:

  50. greg albrecht Says:

    i feel for everyone that has to deal with this outage right now. regardless of which side of these services you’re on – vendor, customer, or the like – you’re in a shitty situation. when this is all over get yourself a beer/ice cream cone/xanex.

  51. dateless Says: is down. Related?

  52. jed Says:

    i went down to fisher plaza and the ceo of adhost personally helped me move our servers to their other building and he even set up the new routing. the engineers are all very calm and focused and working their asses off. good people doing their best in the face of calamity. you’ll all be back up in an hour or two.

  53. Tony Johnston Says:

    We’re down too:

    Unfortunately our disaster recovery plan did not account for an extended, temporary outage. We’d be back up by now if Seattle had suddenly sunk into the ocean.

  54. Stephanie Says:

    The canyon river ranch website is also completely down. We are located in Central Washington

  55. sam Says: , too.

  56. C Henry Says:

    is affected?

  57. Daren Says:

    All sites created/hosted by are down.

  58. Bejeweled Blitz Blitzed by Seattle Data Center Fire | Technologizer Says:

    […] are suffering, including’s travel site, and, according to a list compiled by Kyle Mulka. And in a domino-effect progression, other sites had trouble, such as those that use […]

  59. Paul Ronda Says:

    Fortunately, ecommerce site was not affected due to their redundancy location at NAP of the Americas in Miami, FL

  60. John Cook Says:

    Hi Kyle,

    TV news just reported that Swedish Medical Center and Tully’s Coffee experienced Web site problems, but the sites were up when I last checked.

    Also, Redfin was down earlier today, but we just posted on how the company was able to get their site running before most people were rolling out of bed. Seems odd to me that so many other companies didn’t take these precautions. — “How one CTO avoided a Web site disaster after data center fire.”

    John Cook

  61. Shawn Says:

    Rockwell a Real Estate training site is also down.

  62. neal b Says: (net neutrality hardly matters if you don’t have power…)

  63. Tara Stites Says: is also down.

    My mom told me about and later on I decided “Well, then I’ll get on Cozi.” Guess I won’t then!

  64. EtherDoc Says:

    This site appears to be back online

  65. Kirk Werner Says:

    Olive is down. This is an outrage!

  66. Kirk Werner Says:

    Itchy dog is down. This is also and outrage.

  67. Steve Says:

    Obeo Virtual Tours Down

  68. Steve Says:

    I host through The site is up, but customers like myself who have their web sites and email hosted by Dotster are still down.

    And Dotster is not updating their status page (last update was about 6 hours ago.)
    And Dotster is not giving any expected ETA for an uptime.

  69. Dan Dolson Says:

    All down. We are looking forward to getting back online.


  70. Offbeatmammal Says:

    my site is also down – I guess a symptom of being an AdHost customer.
    Hope this doesn’t ruin their 4th July weekend … wonder how much business this world class facility will lose as a result

  71. mae Says:

  72. Kim Schoof Says:

    Still down.

  73. geojunkie Says:

    Im having withdrawl any updates??? AHHHHHHHH need my caching weekend!!

  74. Kim Schoof Says:

  75. Greg Says: is still down, this is an absolute killer for hotels and vacation rental managers. No info on arriving guests, no info on who has and hasn’t paid, no idea what rooms are clean, etc.

  76. Kim Schoof Says:

    Does anyone know if they are letting people in the door to reboot their servers when the power goes on? I don’t want to wait and wonder when it will happen. is still out!!

  77. BuckNaked Says:

    DRM provider services for http://* are down

  78. motherofdog Says:

    It’s 10:48 pm July 3rd on the east coast, guess that’s about 7:48 pm in Seattle. Escapia is still down and it’s well past beer thirty! Sigh…..

  79. Ken Uchikura Says:

    Over 30,000 domains are down at our Fisher Plaza Data Center.

  80. Huh? Says:

    Playstream Streaming servers. Just as I was launching for an important client. How can they not be prepared for this after the first fire?

  81. Bob Smith Says:

    I have about 20 websites that are down because of the fire. All of these sites are hosted by Dotster. I am surprised to see that they do not have them mirrored at an offsite location.

  82. sailj32 Says: is up, but the email hosting server is still down. No emails have come through since last night.

  83. Jenni Says:

    our website is down here in Hawaii too due to the fire

  84. Don Winters Says:

    Our web site is down and the timing is especially bad since it’s the web site for Kirkland’s 4th of July celebration.

  85. Rose Red Says:

    I printed off the geocaches and benchmarks two days ago that I plan to do on Sunday. It is still frustrating to have both and down. I hope that they will be back up soon.

  86. grekit Says:

    You mentioned, which is true, but all of Groundspeak’s servers are in there, so their other sites are affected too.

    The following are all registered domains by Groundspeak that have been affected:

  87. Fire-Hot-Hosting-Not Says:

    I have turned off the phone and already taken some sleepy pills. So, everyone just chill.

    I feel like I have lost all credibility with my customers and I think Internap will use the “Natuaral Calamity” clause in their contract to put me under.

  88. Ken Uchikura Says: is down.

  89. Possibly related Says: this may be related. down do to fire at hosting provider (not sure if it’s the fisher plaza fire.).

  90. DenverD Says:

    both still down July 04 2009, 0652 GMT

  91. DenverD Says:

    well…i didn’t know the website block wouldn’t print here, or i would have written:, and still down at July 4, 2009 0654 GMT 0555 GMT


  92. Megan Says:

    Our company, LiveRez, works with, but due to a forward thinking owner, our company has not had a disruption in business.

  93. David Says:

    Some fiends have crossed the county hoping to go geocaching with us today. What are we going to do now??!!

  94. Cheryl Says:

    Does anyone know if is one of the websites affected? This also hosts my website which has been down.

  95. motherofdog Says:

    Escapia still down at 6:44 est. They are still saying it will be several hours

  96. Ann-Marie Says: is back up, though their forum and community sections are taking a little longer.

  97. Geocaching : Un incendie à l’autre bout du monde et le programme du week-end est chamboulé Says:

    […] de fait partie du lot de sites down. Et le geocaching, comme je le décrivais ici, fait partie des activités occasionnelle des syklop. […]

  98. BBosman Says:

    The following sites are back up again:

  99. deb3day Says:

    I sympathize with all my fellow geocachers. Fortunately my trip yesterday was not affected because I’d already downloaded my pocket query. Now I’m itching to log the 20 I found. I feel bad for anyone who wanted to go this weekend and doesn’t have their caches downloaded. Bummer for a holiday weekend.

  100. deb3day Says:

    I just posted a comment then checked the site. It’s back.

  101. Batresq Says:

    The geocaching site is back up as of this morning when I checked. It was still out last night at 11pm EST when I went to bed.

  102. Down Says:

    […] Kyle Mulka’s Blog has a list of sites that are reported offline due to the fire and updates when they’re back up. […]

  103. Lucas Says: is back up, albeit slowly, as is

  104. » Bing Bopped By Big Blaze Says:

    […] Blogger Kyle Mulka is maintaining a list of websites that are affected by the outage HERE. […]

  105. Cachehunter Says: is back online !! :)))))

  106. Latest on data center ‘incident’ | Erik Bowman Says:

    […] Some sites have come back online, but Microsoft Bing Travel,, Big Fish Games and others remain unavailable as of 7 p.m. this evening, after a fire late last night shut down power at Seattle’s Fisher Plaza data center. Bing Travel had said previously that it expected to be back up around 5 p.m., but the message has since been edited to omit that reference. […]

  107. hayduke Says:

    you can add to this list. Still down.

  108. CE Nichols Says:

    Pacific Medical Centers is back on line. http:\\
    Thank you for your patience!

  109. Bing Travel killed in fire « Some Uni person's blog Says:

    […] If you’re interested about the rest of the websites that were affected, please visit Kyle Mulka’s blog, where you’ll find a list of them all and whether they’re up or down. Bing Travel is […]

  110. Nathan Says:

    I’m not 100% sure it’s the related to the Fisher fire, maybe 98%, but Fuze Digital Solutions appears to be affected by the outage. This is negatively impacting many websites as they host crm content.

    We have a bunch of ski and snowboard shopping guides that are down including the Wakeboard Shopping Guide, Ski Shopping Guide, and many others.

  111. Betty McCommon Says:

    You have Allrecipes listed as up but I haven’t been able to get on yet. Have they perhaps crashed or the temp generators failed?

  112. Fire!: A major electrical blaze takes down a huge roster of websites | TechSlant Says:

    […] Here’s the list of sites affected along with their status: Link […]

  113. The Week of Technology from Hell | Matt Singley | Social Media Optimization Says:

    […] card processing service.  For a fairly complete list of domains that were affected, take a look at Kyle Mulka’s blog, he did an excellent job of compiling the list.  You can follow him on Twitter as well if you […]

  114. Kimberly Says: and were down as well. Back up – still working out the kinks however.

  115. eric Says:

    If your site is critical to your business, you should have geographically redundant data centers. I don’t understand why so few companies realize that their biggest SPOF is their physical location.

  116. Jake Says:

    My site, , went down for most of yesterday, but it appears to be back up; for a while, it was showing a backup from ~two weeks ago.

  117. Bing Travel knocked out in Seattle data center fire | BlogoFlux - Information Technology Blog Says:

    […] If you’re interested about the rest of the websites that were affected, please visit Kyle Mulka’s blog, where you’ll find a list of them all and whether they’re up or down. Bing Travel is […]

  118. L Minto Says:

    Big Fish has been back on- but community game room which is atlantis.bigfish is down

  119. Scott Says:

    They temporarily used a DR site in Salt Lake City, but last I heard they are back to the primary site in Seattle on generator power.

  120. Scott Says: – They temporarily used a DR site in Salt Lake City, but last I heard they are back to the primary site in Seattle on generator power.

  121. Brendan Says:

    Nettica’s downtime brought over 100 websites that we host to their knees, in most cases they were accessible but only A level dns records were available – mail, ftp, and any subdomains were halted for the better part of half a day.

  122. Bing Travel back, 36 hours later | Erik Bowman Says:

    […] web sites and network operations of many companies were hit by the […]

  123. Incendio pone offline a los servidores de Bing Says:

    […] su parte, la lista completa de sitios afectados, donde los que poseen asterisco han sido recuperados, es la siguiente: * […]

  124. Pineapple Says:

    No World of Warcraft servers are hosted there, thank god.

  125. Damaris Says:


    in your list above what do those numbers represent before the *?
    thanks for the list and keep them coming.


  126. Fisher Plaza electrical fire interrupts holiday weekend for thousands of websites | Bits & Bytes 2.0 Says:

    […] Sys-admins throughout Puget Sound had their long weekend disrupted on Friday when a fire at Fisher Plaza shut down power to their mission-critical data center. Thousands of websites were knocked offline, including the transaction processor Authorize.Net, the heavily-visited Microsoft Bing Travel, and AdHost, themselves a shared hosting provider for thousands more business and personal websites (here’s a partial list of affected websites). […]

  127. Ralph Says:

    KUNP ( AKA univision) in portland oregon was off.
    They are fed from KOMO, just a server interconnect and ad studio in portland.

  128. Adam Says:

    Commercial Diving Network was down as well. The timing of this was no ideal.

  129. John Says: too

  130. Robb McCaghren Says:


    “Cheryl Says:
    July 4th, 2009 at 1:57 am

    Does anyone know if is one of the websites affected? This also hosts my website which has been down.”

    Cheryl; WAS one of the sites affected:

    Registry Whois: |

    OrgName: Adhost Internet Advertising, LLC
    OrgID: ADHT
    Address: 140 Fourth Ave North
    Address: Suite 360
    City: Seattle
    StateProv: WA
    PostalCode: 98109
    Country: US

    NetRange: –
    NetName: ADHOST-SBLK1
    NetHandle: NET-216-211-128-0-1
    Parent: NET-216-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Allocation
    NameServer: NS.ADHOST.COM
    NameServer: NS0.ADHOST.COM
    RegDate: 2000-10-11
    Updated: 2006-08-17

  131. The Blog » Blog Archive » Fire at the Space Needle — Websites Burned! Says:

    […] and the latter among the slowest to be restored because of special configuration requirements. A list of other blacked-out sites, including Big Fish Games,, the Pacific Science Center, […]

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    […]  TechFlashによると、影響を受けたその他のサイト(影響を受けたサイト一覧とそれらの現在の状況については、Kyle Mulka氏のブログを参照)の1つであるオンライン不動産サービスRedfinは、2日夜に停電の影響を受けたが、3日の朝には復旧したという。 […]

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  134. Seattle fire knocks out service to Bing Travel | Support Wars Says:

    […] Mulka’s Blog has a rather comprehensive list of affected […]

  135. Amazon Cloud: Two power outages in two weeks « Says:

    […] issues and eventually resulted in more then 24 hours of downtime due to a fire knocking out many well known sites like Bing Travel as well as many others. It took them months to repair the facility, they had […]

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